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Not a life in vain, it's enough  网友分享于:2013-02-20  浏览:3次
Not a life in vain, it's enough.
 It has gone throught a long time since that time i listened to my heart last year.This semester I experienced more than my 20 years'things.I even didn't know how can i go across the difficult period.Experiencing many troublesome and unknow things, i had ever made some mistakes bringing a lot harm to you,White Rabbit.I knew that you had suffered a few painful things some times ago,maybe i had taken another harmful thing to you.I usually bitter remorse,asking myself why i wasted so much time thinking that useless things.

Now,i feel relieved.I had found the way to solve my heart problem and to care more tolerate more for you,my rookie!I ofen lose my temper to you last year,thank you for compromise me in lots of situations.Though i do not know whether we can make it last,i will cherish these moments we stay together.I really cann't image what the scene without you stood by me.You can share my joy ,reduce my pain,comforted me and even told me how to do in some situations,thought much of your advice was wrong.It's a joke,don't care.You can understand what i want to say and think now ,Yeah?

The time now is 0:00, valentine's day had gone.I listened soft music played by Jay.What a wonderful time! Hearing the sound of keyboard tapped by my fingers,others have fall asleep.In such quiet air, talking to myself is the best thing to do.I have a big dream since i was in senior high school,thought the dream has not came true still now.Maybe I had to realize it this year by one exam.I hate exam when i was born maybe.I have changed my opinion these days,I will make full use of this process of preparations increasing my ability of coding.I come to know that i am far away from a real programmer ,my code is so cute that i even don't understand how it work detail indeed.Now i should stop and walk slowly to see what happened in inner computer indeed.

These days , i was so decadent even i look down on myself.I should stand up,clear those dirty thought,and back the way to realize my dream.If i have one shot one opportunity,i must reseize everything i ever wanted even one moment. Many people in my age have aged or old in their heart, I must have to capture my star to return its light.Maybe i write it down but actions were not be done.I will alarm myself, i have not so much younth to waste.My thought and body should run and run for a real goal,fucking those rubbish,Let them to go with the wind and enjoy their their so-called happy time.Maybe someday ,i fall down , but i was still have more stories and experience to tell.Not a life in vain, it's enough.


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