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有人晓得IBM的宁波分公司的情况吗?回复就有分拿  网友分享于:2013-09-12  浏览:157次
昨天接到一个电话是从上海打过来的,说是IBM,问我有没有兴趣去宁波分公司做测试,简单的面试了英语,然后今天就受到邮件,让我去宁波面试,,,我到底要不要去啊?? 不知道这家公司的待遇怎么样?做什么工作?有没有前途。
We are building up a new Globalization Shared Services Center (GSSC) team in Ningbo, and the pioneers will have the most opportunities to build up his/her technical skills and leadership faster, and get all supporting resource from other sites.
This team will work with various IBM worldwide development and testing teams to deliver globalized IBM software products/components. During project delivery phase, you will keep grow your technical and soft skills, learn various cultures of different countries, and sharpen your English capability.

BU Description  
GSSC team is part of IBM Worldwide Globalization organization, and receives business direction from IBM Corp Globalization Executive. Its mission is "Be a world-class Shared Services Center to provide comprehensive end-to-end globalization services to all SWG brands, STG and external customers for cost effectiveness and quality.", and will deliver it by:

- Following IBM Globalization Requirements and Testing Processes 
- Establishing a testing foundation of professional skills and infrastructure 
- Developing Globalization expertises  
Job Responsibilities 
Job role: Globalization/Translation QA Lead
Working location: Ningbo, Zhejiang


1. Lead Globalization/Translation testing project's technical delivery 
- Lead QA members to deliver assigned project 
- Develop test plan (design test configurations and coverage)
- Develop test cases
- Setup test environment on various OS platforms
- Execute Globalization verification test (GVT) test cases by following IBM defined GVT Guide
- Support worldwide linguistic testers to complete translation verification test (TVT)
- Attend teleconference call to communicate with worldwide product development teams

2. Innovate to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of daily operation and testing processes

3. Deliver technical papers to share with WW IBM development and testing teams 

Address: 浙江省宁波高新区扬帆路999弄研发园B区9号楼 4 层
Reception phone no: 0574-26935005

Best regards, 
Richard, PMPR

Manager, ECM and Rational Globalization
IBM Globalization Shared Services Center (GSSC)
9F, Bldg. E, 19-11, Sanchong Rd., NanKang Dist., Taipei 115, Taiwan
Internet id: Tel: 886-2-81706755, IVPN: *86-849-6755
website: Fax: 886-2-26552388 
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肯定是外包~~ 不过无所谓只要待遇合适 据说IBM MM很多


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